Building Custom WordPress Login Page Made Easy

Customize the default WordPress login form in Divi Builder with the least efforts. Display beautiful login pages with advanced features like social login and much more.

Powerful Login Forms With Elegant Design

Beautify default WordPress login form to match your website design. Set attractive login page build custom in Divi Builder.

Manage the look of default form fields, add advanced controls, color it up, and go live in the least time.

Hassle-Free Login With Social Media Accounts

Users can log in through their Facebook or Google profiles just with a click. This saves them from remembering login details and manually enter them every time.

With the Login Form extension, you can offer social login option and customize the look for it.

Level-up Login Form with Advanced Features

Include advanced controls in the login form to make it modern and deliver a great user experience.

Label & Placeholder Controls

Manage labels and placeholders for input fields.

Custom Redirection Link

Add custom links that will redirect users after login/logout.

Remember Me Option

Store login details that get auto-filled in the form at the next login.

Password Recovery

In case, the user forgets the password add a link to recover it.


Allow your new users to register with a quick link.

AJAX Form Submission

Enable this option to submit the form without refreshing the page.

Customize the Look of Login Form

Enhance the design of form with color, spacing, border, and typography options for each element.

Get Unique, Usable, and Creative Divi Extensions

Ease your website building experience and take it to the next level today!

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