How to Create a Google Client ID for Login Form Extension?

Login Form with a Social Login is a very widely used feature and with many users having an account on Google.

Using the Google Login for your website will only make the process of user onboarding and logging in easier than ever.

To add the Login Form extension of Divi Builder with an option of Google Login, you need to get the Google Client ID –

Firstly, you will need to drag and drop the Login Form extension on the page and enable the Social Login for Google from the Social Login tab of the extension.

Now you will need to follow these steps to create an app on the Google Console to use the Social Login –

Step 1: Setup the Project

  1. Visit and register your website on Google at
  2. You will need to be logged in with your Google Credentials.
  3. If you don’t have a project yet, you will need to create one by clicking on the blue Create Project button on the right side. While if you already have a project click on the name of your project in the dashboard instead, which will open a modal and click on New Project.
  4. Click the Create Button
  5. Name your Project, and click on Create again on the top right corner of the modal.
  6. Once you have a Project you will end up in the Dashboard.

Step 2: Setup the Credentials

  1. Select the OAuth consent in the Dashboard below Credentials from the right sidebar!
  2. Let the default Application Type be Public. Enter a suitable name for your Application under the “Application name”, which will appear as the app asking for consent later on.
  3. Add relevant information in the below fields.
  4. Fill out the “Authorized domains” field with your domain name probably: without any https in the beginning and subdomains in the end. Note: It’s a must that the
  5. Press Save and you will be redirected to the Credentials screen. Make sure all fields are filled out otherwise the Save button won’t work.

Step 3: Setup the OAuth credentials

  1. Redirected to the Consent screen click on the Create credentials button in the center of the page.
  2. It will open up a dropdown, select the OAuth Client ID.
  3. In the next screen, you will have multiple Application Type for the applications which use OAuth ID. You must select the Application Type as Web Application.
  4. You will see new options below, start with the Name of your Application.
  5. Add the Authorized JavaScript Origins which must be exactly your domain name. e.g. without any subdomains.
  6. Add the relevant Authorized redirect URIs this must be the same which will be added to the Social Login extension’s Content Tab under the Additional Options > Redirect After Login.
  7. Now, click on the Create Button.
  8. A modal should pop up with your credentials. If it doesn’t open, go to the Credentials tab in the left-side bar and select your app by clicking on the name you entered. You will be able to copy the Client ID from here.

Paste the Google – Client ID under the WordPress Dashboard under Settings > UAD > Login Form > Settings – Google Client ID section. And you’ve set up the client ID for Social Login successfully.

If you want to add the Social Login for Facebook, visit the following link on How to Create a Facebook App ID for Login Form Extension?

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